Shizu’s 6th anniversary

Forgot to post this here on the day of.

The UST is available by request only. The voicebank will be released at some point, but if anyone wants it sooner than whenever that will be, feel free to ask!

This is one of my all time favorite songs.
I started making this UST something like 3 years ago. It’s not that it’s taken a long time, but since I’m a very lazy UTAU user I only just sort of finished it recently. It still could be better, but eh, I wanted to be done with it at this point.
I didn’t really draw any new art for this besides the background. As the UST was in progress for three years, I kept drawing stuff for a potential PV, but my art style kept changing so I never drew enough to make a PV. Instead, I decided to use some of the art I’ve drawn for this particular cover and throw it into a video.




I’ve just realized I never made a post about Shizu’s 5th anniversary. I didn’t get anything done for this, unfortunately, except for a quick cover of Hane wo Nai Keredo Watashi wo Toberu using her VCV voicebank that still isn’t done being oto’ed.

On UtaForum, I’ve put together a thread looking for people to oto a few VCV and non-Japanese voicebanks in exchange for art.

Earlier this summer, I also drew Shizu’s latest design in my newer art style, and thus have new official art. This is linked on the Voicebanks page in the top right corner. The Wiki 2.0 page has also been updated, however the old UTAU wikia has not. I hope to also have new art for Aroku (and even Pianoloid and Dog!) by her anniversary.

I am also taking art commissions.

Dystopia Zipang and Shizu’s Fourth Anniversary

Happy new year!

Today is Shizu’s fourth anniversary, so I used a UST for Dystopia Zipang I made a few months ago. I also finished enough of a somewhat decent (though nasally as hell) VCV bank that I’d like to finish.

The UST’s been added to the UST page.


Also for Shizu’s fourth anniversary, I earlier uploaded her new Paradoxical concept art thing. That’s linked in the Voicebanks page as usual. Character wise, she’s now 20+ instead of 19+. I figure one minimum year every two years is a decent rate, haha;;;

This year, I’d like to finish at least one VCV bank (because I’ve recorded like three of them but they all have their little problems), and possibly her CVVC English bank.

Aroku’s 3rd Birthday/Anniversary

Today, October 15th, is Aroku’s third birthday/Anniversary. And like every year thus far, I have completely forgotten to put something together until about the day of (or if I remembered, I didn’t actually do anything).

This year I have more of an excuse since school’s been crazy busy. I’ll throw something together when it gets less busy, or maybe later on at Thanksgiving.

Anyway, sorry for this lame reminder. I’ll do something else for her one day later.

Yume de Aimashou UST

Added to the UST page~


Also, I plan on eventually removing USTs from here that have better USTs available.  (Namely Shinkai Shoujo, and eventually Tokyo 2 Rock City (if I ever get around to making harmonies for it I’ll just update it though))