W-we won UtaGame!

Aaaa~~ Thank you so much and congrats, Electrosymphonic and OmegaFlash4~~

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog/post and use UTAU, I suggest joining! [link]

(Videos after the jump)

(Anyways, if I ever join UtaGame again, I swear I’ll do more;; )

Lots of fun!


But oh dear god now I need to go specify prizes and I don’t really know what yet;;

Rambling on;

Uhh, Chinese Full List OTO, so at least I don’t need to do the whole thing when I get around to rerecording parts… P.a.r.a.l.y.z.e. UST… While thinking about that, I’ll go post the translyrics on Translyrical now… etc…


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