Kodoku no Hate UST

I kinda finished the UST… Except harmonies, because how do you harmonies.

Cover video after the jump.

Ahaha, this is one of my first favorite VOCALOID songs, one of the ones I was close to obsessed with… Not that’d you’d ever realize it, back then. Has it really been two years? Geez, time goes by fast.

Anyways, Hikarisyuyo’s been one of my favorite producers since, although I kinda wish he’d use whatever the VOCALOID equivalent of the g+5 flag is… But that’s beside the point.

I was going to make a PV, but uh, got lazy… As per usual…

And the outfit I used here… Uh, I’m going to use that for an OC of mine that I’ve been meaning to redesign…

The UST’s been added to the UST page.


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