A quick list of things I need to do that are UTAU related.

Y’know, like I can cross “Making a to do list” off this list now.

To record:

-Aroku Act-who-knows-what. Just need to get around to updating it.

-Shizu 6.o (Which isn’t act 6, per say, but whatever version it is I’m on.)

-Shizu Dreamy voice material – aka Soft 2.o

-Shizu VCV – aka Lazy voice material. Need to rerecord it all…

-Aroku English and Chinese

-Shizu ~every language except Japanese~ (What is that, four more VBs? Uh… English is going to be an Extend… a few others’ll be lumped together for the sake of laziness.)

-Finish oto’ing poorly pronounced Korean and full list Chinese.

Choruses to make:

-Finish “Smiling” collab with Deska

-Pumpkin Syndrome

-Liar Betty (Mixed, just need to do art/video)

-Kimi ni Sasagu Fantasia


-Scrab&Build UST

-Do art requests for a week.


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