VCV Testing

Aka SoD is actually doing something. Although instead of a UST release this year (Or next, whatever you count tomorrow as still), I’m releasing her Dreamy VM.

For the UTAU overseas battle thingamabob; (Posting this here a few days late. Derp.)

I’m not done with the oto yet, I’m being lazy. This is without flags, I’ll play around with those too and get recommended flags and such. (This is also rendered with regular resampler.)

Other random crap since you decided to click the “more” button:

-Finding more bird-related songs (Although Soar’ll be a bit late… Maybe for a character birthday… Yurahonya’s UST has a whopping 23 parts!)

-Work on Bird-Shizu design.

-Make that VB of whistles work! (It sounds like utter crap right now)

– Work on Fish/Fairy-Aroku design.

-Try to make a better Aroku voice. At this point it may be easier to find a new voicer…;;

-Oto Shizu’s Korean. (I got it recorded, pronunciation is better this time (I tried TUTs and copying another Korean bank…;; ))

-Record another bank like “Soft” that was really closer to “Sweet”. You see, Dreamy was supposed to be Soft 2.o, but Dreamy ended up being actually soft…;;

-Shizu 6.o (No, not Act 6, I have no bloody idea what Act she’s on. But the current banks are at 5, so this would be 6.)

-Shizu English redo. (I dunno how to get around doing Spanish and French, I know next to nothing of either language… But maybe if everything’s all together it would be easy enough to mix and match sounds…) I’ll be trying CVVC.

-Finish Scrap&Build UST (This could have been done a long time ago. I’m lazy k.)

-Make a proper “SOAR” logo thing for this blog/site/whatever. I have an idea in mind…

/stops self from going on and on forever.


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