Site Button Thing

Iunno if anyone cares to swap links (I’ll make a new page should that ever happen)… But I made one to post around…

Well, certain sites, anyways. ‘Cuz, I’m cool with that “UTAU Site Blog Thing” link in all my signatures right now.

Anyways, purple and red because Shizu and Aroku, of course. I’ll probably make a few different ones, just for kicks. Or a few variations of this because I’m a lazy sod. (And I need one for UO too, not sure yet.)


Happy Two Years! (And Dreamy release!)

Happy New Year’s and happy two years!
After about a year and a half, I’m finally releasing another VB of Shizu’s! (Although without posting betas and such… The bank itself kinda came into existence within the last week…;; )

“Dreamy” is, I guess, an alternate bank. Normal version has extra sounds, so forced English is easier. The lite version doesn’t have them, making it 13MB less. About the extra sounds after the jump.

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