Probable new design for Shizu?

After the jump because the image looks huge here in the preview and such.

dA link with notes:

(Also there are random prints of stuff on her jacket here too. They’re on her alternate bird-form as well… And also her jacket magically stays in place most of the time because it’s fiction and whatever k.)

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Buttons, whee. All the things I did minus several for trying to make a site button.

Going to probably end up using one of these when I “buy” the link out on UO. =w=b (Well, I don’t have the XCF file and can’t really go and change things now…;; )

Things SOAR can stand for:

Sakura of Another Realm

Singing Other-AndRoids

Soupka Othyon Aredden R’ns

Something of Anything Really

State Of Anger Riddance

Someone Offers a Riddle

So, ar(e)…?

So, arr!