A short-ish list of things I’m going to try to do over the weekend

Well, I’m going to try and I have no idea how that’ll go. =w=;;

EDIT: So I got sick and ended up playing Harvest Moon the whole time and got very little done, yeah..;;

List after the jump.


-Shizu updated CV

-Shizu strong VCV

-Shizu tweeting omake bank (to be renamed)

-Aroku, maaaaaaaabye. (Japanese is priority, but Chinese if I get to it.)

—ask Deska to voice her again. Only because she refuses to record her own UTAU and she’d make a lovely Aroku voice.

-Shizu Soft 2.0 CV (to be renamed)


-Concept for Shizu’s new bird-design (and I’m going to come up with a better name, I swear.)

-Concept for Shizu’s new normal-design/alternate (EDIT: Done, I guess.)

-Concept for another Shizu alternate. (Because I think it would work well, but I’m not 100% ready to move to a pretty different design yet.)

-Other stuff OC related


EVERYTHING. Korean, Chinese Full, VCV, Whatever else I record…


-Edit Love and Joy, because I wanna dance cover it for the heck of it. And because I don’t have MMD models to use.

-Fix Scrap&Build. I’ve got the notes, just gotta pitchbend, fix timing, and possibly make harmonies. I’d like to do this by the 21st with a new VB and design too.


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