Blog Updates + Various Other

Added a Links Out page up at the top. Currently they’re links to other UTAU Projects/blogs, and hopefully other people would want to share links… Also there’s a section there that I hope I get around to linking to various other UTAU stuff sites.

Also working on a header. So the scaling can’t be changed and I’m a little PO’d about that… When I fix it, it’ll look better. Yeah. Uh.

Other news, I guess:

Made a cover of ClariS’s Connect;

Also made a VCV cover of Jin’s Imagination Forest;

So it turns out when my computer died, I /didn’t/ lose that VCV oto and don’t have to totally redo it! After what, a year and a half? (No really, it’s been like a year and a half since I recorded those things.)

But because of that, I probably won’t make many updates to Shizu’s voice… You know, between my voice changing, my laziness, and only a webcam microphone because my new computer doesn’t have the right input thing for it. Unless I can come up with another way to work it out, it’ll probably be the last update for a while. (Besides of course, releasing Chinese, Korean, and VCV banks I recorded a really long time ago now. English and Spanish are still “I have no idea how I’m going to do this”, but can still be forced through her Dreamy VM.)

Aroku on the other hand, I still want to get a new voicer for her altogether (because one of my rl friends would be perfect), but I might manage with enough flags. (Seriously, I recorded a test VB on the webcam, and while the quality really sucks, sounds fine with the right flags somehow.)

So, uh. I guess that’s what I’ll try to work on for now.