Shizu’s Paradoxical Form, etc.

So the other day I “officially” uploaded Shizu’s bird form; which I’m officially calling Paradoxical Form, but if that’s too hard to remember, simply “bird form” or “Bird-Shizu” is alright. (And because it’s shorter, that’s what I’ll still call it on Twitter. =w=;; )


Thoughts to self: I’ve been seeing quite a few UTAU pop up lately with long white hair who wear purple…Or their eyes are red…or both. So besides the fact I still want to redesign Shizu’s human form again (thinking steampunk-esque this time, perhaps), I’ve been thinking maybe I’ll make her bird form her main form, then have the human one just in case? Anyhow, no decisions yet.


Stuff I recorded instead of recording what I should have recorded or oto’ed recently: (Which I used my iPod earbud mic to record, which didn’t happen to sound utterly terrible. They still need flags.)

-Strong VCV (which I’ll oto later) – Likely for Shizu

-Two sets of CV banks that one will someday be Aroku’s updated bank. Both need Y0B4F-3H5c99 or something like that.

-Shizu’s English fix. Although a lot of the consonants in it are just from the other samples… But I added all the extra notes in her Dreamy VB to her normal one, and then added “-rr” notes for those because using “rru” all the time sounds terrible.