I’ve just realized I never made a post about Shizu’s 5th anniversary. I didn’t get anything done for this, unfortunately, except for a quick cover of Hane wo Nai Keredo Watashi wo Toberu using her VCV voicebank that still isn’t done being oto’ed.

On UtaForum, I’ve put together a thread looking for people to oto a few VCV and non-Japanese voicebanks in exchange for art. http://www.utaforum.net/threads/will-draw-for-vcv-oto-still-open.10176/

Earlier this summer, I also drew Shizu’s latest design in my newer art style, and thus have new official art. This is linked on the Voicebanks page in the top right corner. The Wiki 2.0 page has also been updated, however the old UTAU wikia has not. I hope to also have new art for Aroku (and even Pianoloid and Dog!) by her anniversary.

I am also taking art commissions.


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