Hello, I’m plusod (+SoD/StateOfDep).

This blog/site is for the use of SoD’s UTAU use, for USTs and VoiceBanks and updates. DeskaNeon/Disreache may pop in time to time as well. This is also the homepage of the Soaring UTAU.

Downloads can be found on the other two pages. Affiliates can be found on the Links Out page.



SoD’s Main YT Channel | SoD’s Other UTAU YT Channel | SoD’s SoundCloud

SoD’s DeviantArt | SoD’s Twitter | SoD’s Pixiv | SoD’s NND

Shizu Sogone’s Wikia Page | Aroku Senna’s Wikia Page

Shizu Sogone’s Twitter Bot | Aroku Senna’s Twitter Bot

SoD’s Tumblr

Vocaloid Otaku: StateOfDep | UTAU Online: plusod | UTAForum: StateOfDep

SOARing UTAU Ask Blog


Contact me for any reason on my Twitter, main YouTube channel, or email (plusod@yahoo.com). I’ll get to those fastest.

Contact Deska through YouTube (DeskaNeon) or Twitter (@AnonUTAU).


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