Shizu’s third anniversary: Updated Dreamy oto

Links on the Voicebanks page are now replaced.

If you already have that voicebank, you can just replace the oto with this one.

Dreamy updated oto release video thing (cover of Kagaribito)

(Also I’ll be only adding links to videos on this blog now because I don’t know how to stop autoplay. Sorry.)

Also a quick announcement: Pianoloid and Dog were released a little while ago. There’s not really a video to go with it, right now, but both can be downloaded from the Voicebanks page.  Both are non-human vocals, and to use both, you have to replace every lyric with “a” or “あ”. Both also have no official design.


EDIT: Here’s her updated human form design.


Aroku’s 2nd Anniversary

Whoo, two years~

I’ve uploaded her new voicebank, you can find the link on the Voicebank page here. As it’s been two years since I released a voicebank for her, I kept with the name “Revamp”… Anyhow it’s much better than before.

Here’s a sample, a cover of “Mind Speaker”:

Perhaps I’ll make a mini-PV for another song with her later, as a slightly better though belated announcement of this…

Shizu’s Paradoxical Form, etc.

So the other day I “officially” uploaded Shizu’s bird form; which I’m officially calling Paradoxical Form, but if that’s too hard to remember, simply “bird form” or “Bird-Shizu” is alright. (And because it’s shorter, that’s what I’ll still call it on Twitter. =w=;; )


Thoughts to self: I’ve been seeing quite a few UTAU pop up lately with long white hair who wear purple…Or their eyes are red…or both. So besides the fact I still want to redesign Shizu’s human form again (thinking steampunk-esque this time, perhaps), I’ve been thinking maybe I’ll make her bird form her main form, then have the human one just in case? Anyhow, no decisions yet.


Stuff I recorded instead of recording what I should have recorded or oto’ed recently: (Which I used my iPod earbud mic to record, which didn’t happen to sound utterly terrible. They still need flags.)

-Strong VCV (which I’ll oto later) – Likely for Shizu

-Two sets of CV banks that one will someday be Aroku’s updated bank. Both need Y0B4F-3H5c99 or something like that.

-Shizu’s English fix. Although a lot of the consonants in it are just from the other samples… But I added all the extra notes in her Dreamy VB to her normal one, and then added “-rr” notes for those because using “rru” all the time sounds terrible.