-You should credit plusod or SoD for these USTs.

-You shouldn’t redistribute these and/or claim as your own.

-You should credit the song producer, too.

-Older USTs here might need a little tweaking. Please make sure your cover is on-time.


My UST folder:


Song name (kana and romaji) – Producer(kana of Producer name) (Resource: credit of resource [if applicable])

Blindness – treow (Sheet music: treow)

Dystopia Zipang (ディストピア・ジパング disutopia jipangu) -cosMo

End of Solitude* (孤独の果て Kodoku no Hate) – Hikarisyuyo(光収容の倉庫) (Short MIDI: Mican Donburi)

Escape from the City – Crush 40 (MIDI: Shadrow0)

flowertone* KofunP(古墳P) (MIDI: KofunP)

Fantasia Dedicated to You* (君に捧ぐファンタシア Kimi ni Sasagu Fantasia) – PolyphonicBranch (Short MIDI: Mican Donburi)

Gossip (ゴシップ Goshippu) – OSTER Project (Sheet Music: linnaes)

Let’s Meet in a Dream (夢で逢いましょう Yume de Aimashou) – PolyphonicBranch

Love Philosophia (恋愛フィロソフィアRen’ai Philosophia) – KurousaP(黒うさP) (MIDI/Sheet music: Echo)

Shaddow-Stepping Etranger (影踏みエトランゼ Kagefumi Etoranze) – Substreet (Sheet Music: Ciel Noir)

A Smile that’s a Bomb! ( Hohoemi no Bakudan) – Mawatari Matsuko (MIDI:

Tokyo “2” Rock City* (トウキョウト・ロック・シティ Toukyo-to Rokku Shiti) – Ekomaru(えこまる) (MIDI: Coco-t33)


*There aren’t harmonies (yet), sorry.

I will also eventually take down old USTs with errors as new USTs for the same song emerge.



Scrap&Build – 40mP (MIDI using as Sheet Music because it won’t import properly: Aoimofumofu) – Just needs pitchbends/video


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