All are romaji encoded and hiragana aliased unless stated otherwise. Newer voicebanks appear at the top of the list.

Click their names to go to their concept art on deviantArt.

Extra Terms and Conditions pertaining to these UTAU are listed at the bottom of this page.


Shizu Sogone (齟齬音シズ) (Paradoxical/Bird Form Concept)

shizu17_icon bshizu_icon

A – Japanese CV with a few extra samples. Oto’d by Aline.

B – Soft Alternate Voice Material Japanese CV with extra samples. It’s closer to “sweet”, although is softer.

C – Dreamy Alternate Voice Material. Japanese CV, has extra samples for better forced languages.

C2 – Dreamy Alternate Voice Material (Lite-ish). Same as above, without extra samples; 13MB smaller.

D – Chinese, intended to be Mandarin.

D2- Chinese Full List, a large file because of more samples, but it also means a bit less UST editing.

E – Korean, please be warned of incorrect pronunciation in parts.

F- VCV, full list. Kana encoded.

G – English CVVC

H – English VCCV

o.4.1 – Engrishy Japanese, Poorly pronounced Korean, Chinese with “_c” tails and clipping, some Spanish, some Soft material, Lazy and badly oto’d VCV. Large file. Not recommended.

All unreleased voicebanks listed here have been recorded, but not yet oto’d. 


Aroku Senna (センナアロク)


Revamp – Japanese CV with a few extra samples. This is her main voicebank.

Loaf Voice Material – Japanese CV

1.o – Japanese CV with extra samples

2.o Beta – Japanese with even more extra samples. (As only one cover song was made with this VB, and I moved right onto Revamp, this one will not be formally released, and can be obtained by request only.)

All unreleased voicebanks listed here have been recorded, but not yet oto’d. 


Pianoloid (ピアノロイド)

*Not a human voice, but piano sounds as its name suggests.

1.1 – One sample, much smaller, must replace every lyric note with “a” or “あ”

1.0* – Has multiple “samples” so it can “sing” all hiragana and romaji, Oto is funky.

*Please ignore the old name/image of this VB. The readme/character text has not been updated with this.


Dog (狗)

*Not a human voice, but barking sounds as its name suggests.

1.o – There are a few samples, but gets best results with just “a” or “あ”.


Brief terms of use (Applies to all UTAU voice banks listed above):

-Please don’t redistribute.

-Don’t steal/claim as your own, either.

-Character wise: changing personalities, shipping, and such are perfectly fine. However, let me know if you’re going role-play with one of these characters.

-You need permission to use for commercial use of both character and voicebank.

-Creating derivatives of these characters is okay without permission, however commercial use of derivatives requires permission from me. I would also appreciate a statement saying “This is a derivative of ___” or something along those lines.

-You never need to credit me for any of their voice banks or designs unless someone asks, in which case you should redirect them either here or my YouTube channel. (Or my deviantArt, if they ask about the designs.)

-And follow all of the UTAU Terms of Service, as written by Ameya/Ayame.


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